E-Commerce Development
This type of website is perfect for any business that wants to sell goods and services online. You need an E-Commerce website to expand your customer range, increase brand awareness and make a global digital identity. With our expert website developers you will not only get an innovative and modern website that will get increased traffic.
Some HTML tags can aid in SEO. If you're working with us, your CMS most likely makes it simple for you to change them. If your page or another person's page has these tags, it can be helpful to know where to look for them in the HTML.
Building reliable and secure server-sides for all types of web applications is the aim of PHP development services. Alightway Solutions Pvt. Ltd skillfully tames PHP to produce reliable online portals, B2C & B2B web apps, CMSs, and other web-based solutions by drawing on its 7 years of experience in PHP development.
WordPress is the platform we use at Alightway Solutions Pvt. Ltd, we almost always advise our clients to use it as well. The majority of the globe feels that WordPress is the best website building tool for digital marketing reasons. WordPress is the most widely used content management system(CMS) open to everyone, powering more than 74 million websites.
Angular Js
An open source JavaScript framework called AngularJS is used to create web applications. Everyone is permitted to use, modify, and distribute it. Angular Js was developed by Google. It is a great framework for creating standalone and line-of-business apps. We use AngularJS to create one of a kind creations.
Multilingual & Multiregional Website Development
Every website needs a USP to engage a larger range of audience. With us you can not only reach a larger audience but you can also make it exceptionally easier for the audience to engage with you by our unique target point of creating a multilingual and multiregional website edition.
Dynamic And Static Website
Each business is different and it needs different kinds of website structure to work efficientl. Static websites are the kind where content cannot change without a developer and on the other hand dynamic are ones wherein different content can be displayed from the same source code. You can trust us to decipher which kind of website works best for you.
Magento, Druple, Joomla Development
We have some of the most popular tools for design of websites Inculcate the modern and innovative techniques for your website. The best among those are Wordpress and Joomla that offers the finest and variety of templates that are customizable, entails many amazing features in addition to having an unstoppable security system which is foolproof. Our services guide you through the process of making and hosting a website to marketing.


The first step in making a website is creating a distinct and easy to use website that commemorates the presence of your brand on the internet. Customers will only visit your website if they are aware that it exists and can be found easily on the internet. We got you covered in the first step by the knowledge and efficiency of our Web Developers and Designers. After your website is all set and designed, another important part of our job is to ensure that people visit your website and gain a positive experience. We use front-end developments that include coding languages like HTML, CSS and Javascript. What these developments help in a website is that it makes it possible for users to interact with buttons, images, along with text and navigation menus.

Our job is to make your website easily accessible and easily searchable. When your potential customer searches the web for your brand they should find your website easily and without fail. We rank your website on the top so that your customers find you.

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