What is ORM?

ORM or Online Reputation Management is the practice of managing the resources that turn up online when someone searches you or your company. ORM is either for companies(brand reputation management) or there is also personal reputation management. It involves the collection and speculation of reviews that the customers write about your company. Also sending a proper thank you message or message for voicing their concerns for a positive review or a complaint respectively. It also involves managing the company’s social media handles and editing or rectifying the tweets or posts that the representatives of the company make.

Why ORM is Needed?

1) Better Trust between you and your Fans or customer.

2) More Revenue. Having good reputation online leads to more and more customers coming to you.

3) Easy Recruitment. If you have good reputation then more people want to work for you.

4) Keeping up the Good Side. With proper ORM the bad reviews or risky posts can be eclipsed with good comments and positive feedback from customers.

How can we help?

We at Alightway Solutions are proud to call us an online reputation management company. We know the importance of a good online reputation. That is why we offer a wide range of online reputation management services.

For a Company

We offer to handle your social media handles, we will manage your brand reputation, repair your shady mishaps earlier, answer customer queries and receive customer feedback.

For an Individual

We provide celebrity reputation management wherein help you repair online reputation, handle your social media handles, rectify your tweets and posts, manage your emails effectively.