Why Search Engine Optimization is Neccessary?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the technique of optimizing your website in such a way that it appears in the topmost results of Google search when a potential customer searches for related products or services.

On an average there are 40,000 search queries on Google search per second which adds up to 3.2 billion searches in a day.

There are more than a billion websites on the internet today and if your website isn't search engine optimized well enough then it won't even show up on the Google search results which is asgood as your website not existing at all.

Building quality backlinks is of extreme importance It’s about understanding what Google wants, how to scale your link building efforts, but that is not all as most of newbie's think.

A few advantages of SEO include :

  1. Good discoverability via SEO service for specific location or country
  2. Better targeting of customers
  3. More Revenue Generation
  4. Wider reach of website
  5. Increase website traffic through SEO

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