Opt for ASO to Gain Traffic from Mobile Apps

App Store Optimization or ASO

Once you have made a website and are done with SEO, the next step into making a break in the market is to make an app for your product or service. Since most of the internet surfing today is done through apps it is of quintessential necessity to make an app of your own, or you are in danger of losing a large chunk of potential customer base. But just as is the case with websites, making an app is not all. There should be strong mobile ASO or mobile app store optimization associated with it.

What is App Store Optimization?

ASO is the practice of making your mobile application appear in the top most results in the search results of google play store for android app and app store for iOS so that more people can find it. It is done by choosing the right keywords for the app and the app description.

How can we help you Gain Mobile Customers?

We at Alightway Solutions are well versed with all the tips and tricks of ASO and can provide you top class services for promoting your android or iOS app on google play and app store respectively. We will help you choose the right keywords by implementing a thorough mobile app keyword research to cover maximum audiences and increase the probability of your app showing up for most of the relevant searches.

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Advantages of ASO

1) Increase the Reach of your app, since more and more people are now using mobile devices therefore it gives an edge to have a good app with its ASO done.

2) Easy Accessibility for the users as they can find the app more easily.

3) More Revenue generation for you as more customers start using the app.

4) Better Customer Targeting for you as you can optimize the app for a particular region so that you get more downloads from there.

5) Better Chances of Organic Downloads as nowadays people directly search on the playstore for apps without having anything in particular on their minds so it’s always good if your app is on the top.

6) Your customers are really yours if they have the app installed on their smartphone.