What makes your Website Appear Higher on Google?

Rank higher on Google

"SEO is a set of techniques of making your website appear higher on Google, Bing or any other search engine result page. It has been noted that 63% of the people who search on Google click on the first three links or so. This implies that your website may never be found by anyone if it is not properly optimized."

Imagine that you are a dentist. You plan to expand your practice and so have created your website. That’s a good idea but, that’s not enough.

The one thing that you need essentially is SEO or search engine optimization of your website. Considering today’s trends, the way people find stuff is mainly through internet and to be very particular, through various search engines. The most popular being Google, followed by Bing.

How you appear on the SERP result? And, where do you appear on the search result? Both are equally important as it does in any important business deal. So, it is quintessential for businesses to advertise properly on the internet and while doing so, the best method is by Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

There are various elaborate steps to do SEO and many companies offer to do it for you as well. Some of which are as follows:

  • Put in as many relevant keywords to your business as possible. Ex: dentist, doctor, teeth, health etc.
  • Optimize your website to load quickly, be visually catchy and have eye pleasing content.

This is also called website optimization.

  • Linking your website through as many sites as possible to make the search engine trust your website more. Ex: Facebook, Twitter etc.

Questions arise when you have done sufficient amount of work but still not getting results, this is when Online Marketing Specialist needs to be contacted.

Everything not related to content improvisation is known as Technical SEO for Website.

Hence, to be able to pull a large crowd of potential customers you need to know - How to make SEO friendly websites? Also, you should remember that there is nothing like best SEO, your website should be kept updated regularly and at par with the rising competition of the dentists around you so that it’s you who gets to do the dirty work!


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