SEO Factors that you Need to Pay Attention At

If you are planning to do your business online or are already doing it, then you must with familiar with the importance of online/digital marketing, as in today’s business world, only a proper marketing strategy can give your business a wide range of opportunities to reach new heights. Some of the digital marketing factors are email campaigns, video marketing, blogging, SEO, social media marketing, mobile marketing and PPC/CPC marketing.

Out of all these factors, SEO is one of the most important ones which can help you to rank well on search engines and only a better understanding of SEO can lead to more traffic to your website. For a good ranking, you cannot just ignore certain SEO factors, which comprise- optimization, content, UX/UI design, technical SEO, building high quality links. Only by combining all these factors, you can make your SEO campaign successful leading to a successful business

Let’s look at these factors for a better understanding:

On-page Optimization:

On-page website optimization can have a huge impact on your page's ability to rank, if done smartly and in a proper and strategic way. The biggest On-page factors that affect search engine rankings comprise the content of page, title tag, URL structure and image alt text. All these factors should be well laid out and should be search engine friendly as well.


The content on your website is one of the main factors that decide whether your website is good or not. It should never be plagiarised, be unique, relevant and should always present the true picture. Content should be user-friendly as well as SEO friendly Content. A Quality content not only requires the quality but also good keyword research and proper optimization to rank well.

User Experience on Webpage(UX/UI):

User Experience focuses on optimization of a product in a proper way by making user centric designing for effective and good user experience and User Interface design is its compliment i.e. the presentation and interactivity of a product. For good UI/UX design, you should have a clear understanding of what your user needs, your design should not have overloaded information; it should be clear and understandable, interactive website design, labelling of links, good elastic scrolling and should add friction to user’s action.

Technical SEO:

SEO i.e. Search Engine optimization, refers to all the practices that are intended to maximize your website’s usability, crawling and indexing. To rank higher on search engine’s ranking, your SEO plays a very crucial role. It is more effective if you understand well the user/searcher’s behaviour, optimizing web content, compatibility of website with search engine guidelines and better key phrase search etc..


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