How to Start a Business Online from a Scratch?

In the modern era, when everything is going online then how one can expect to continue with the same old traditional business ways? More than half of the business persons are growing by doing it the online way i.e. through online and digital marketing. But some are there who are planning to start their businesses but don’t know from where to start or how to do it.

In such a scenario, do not worry! Because this blog will discuss how a beginner can start an online business by giving you an effective and useful guidance. The stage is often set in the beginning, so make sure you follow all of the necessary steps when starting your business that can set the foundation for success.

Here are 7 steps that are required to start a business online successfully. Take one step at a time, and you'll be on your way to a successful business!

1. The Thought Process/( Online Business Idea)

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The first and foremost step before starting any business is the idea that what can be done by knowing your interest and passion. One cannot just randomly start a business online without giving a second thought about what he/she is planning to do where he/she will face immense competition. One should know WHAT, WHY, WHERE, WHO and HOW before starting a business and by applying proper strategies and working in accordance with that will give your business a wonderful start!

2. Allocating an Estimated Budget to your Online Business

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After strategizing a perfect business plan, the second thing that must be paid attention to is allocating an estimated budget i.e. how much money you can invest in your business, not only this, it also includes the amount you can invest in promotion of your business. It should be done in smart and planned way that will assure a profitable and bright future of your business.

3. Creating a SEO Friendly Website

What can be better than creating an attractive website by keeping in mind the user engaging & informative content? The first thing a user sees after opening your website is that how the information is presented and what is presented. In case, a user likes it, then he can definitely turn into a customer and vice versa. So, before creating a website, you should keep in mind that you should develop search engine friendly website. Secondly, the designing of the website should be perfect & attractive as first impression creates a lasting impression be it good or bad!

4. Optimizing for the Right Keywords

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One cannot afford to miss SEO for Google ranking (keyword optimization) when trying to start an online business. It can be quite a challenging task because the right keywords decide whether you will be in top searches of Google, Bing( or any other search engine) or not. Your keyword should be short, crisp and should match with users as well as Google’s demand for better conversion rate.

For setting up a right keyword you can seek help from website optimization services. Along with it, you must also focus on ASO for Android & iOS Apps for more visibility to users leading to more traffic on your site.

5. Beating the Competitors Online

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Along with focusing on your own business a good businessman never forgets to look at the strategies their competitors are applying and afterwards try to find a better way to beat them by coming up with the best strategy. Creating high quality content, giving all the useful information, good optimization, is absolutely fine, but developing inbound marketing strategies to improve your position/having more visitors on your page cannot be disregarded. For this, not only your site content matters but also one should focus on improving the quality of backlinks.

6. Strong Social Media Presence

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Social media is one of the best platforms for promotion of your business as there are millions of users on every social media platform (such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). You should make your content interactive and user friendly with eye-catching questions/heads and informative images/graphs, and then focus on the impact of social media responses i.e. how many likes, shares or retweets, you are getting and whether your current social media strategy is supporting in search engine optimization or not.

7. PPC Strategy: For Higher ROI

Getting an organic traffic is fine but what if you want more visitors on your site? In such a situation, creating cpc/ppc campaign helps you do that as it allows making the key change in the optimization strategies to improve quality score and thus leading to higher ROI.

A lot goes into generating a profitable PPC campaign which comprises not only a wholesome keyword but also organizing the same in a well-organized campaign and setting up landing pages that are optimized for transfigurations, and for this a proper PPC campaign management is a must.


Thus, by focusing on the above-mentioned steps one can not only start an online business but can also become the mantra for success if done the right way by following the right strategies & tactics. We are always here to help our clients for running a successful online marketing strategy.


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