How to Create & Optimize Google Penalty-Proof Website?

Are you the one who’s currently running your business online or are planning to do it soon, but want to create a Google Penalty proof website to stay away from all the hurdles (in the form of Google penalties) that may come in your way of achieving a successful website? Then don’t worry because this article will not only cover the things that can penalize you but will also guide you on how you can make a user-friendly or create SEO friendly website to rank on the top of the search list.

So, the first question arises is, why would Google penalize any website? The answer to this question is, whenever Google suspects that there is something fishy going on to manipulate Google’s algorithms to grow the link profile and accelerate search results, such as, buying links to boost one’s link profile, scraping content, offering poor quality content and stuffing keywords, then Google can penalize you.

To avoid such a scenario, primarily, you should have a clear understanding of latest Google algorithms to avoid any such mess (accidentally or intentionally). To rank good by following rules and regulations there are hundreds of factors, but here we are going to lay emphasis on five of them which are the most crucial ones.

Content (Latent Semantic Indexing)

Your content should always be user centric and user engaging that should present the clear picture of what the user wants. Although Google prefers long and in-depth content but you cannot just write a long content just for the sake of writing it, as it should be relevant and should include info-graphs, videos and useful images. Another important factor is keyword, as the keywords used should be relevant and instead of stuffing the keywords you can use latent semantic indexing that can also lead your content/page to rank higher as Google gives equal importance to the semantics rather than just using the same keyword again and again.

The Mobile Impact

More than half of the population use mobile phones to search any information, so, how can it be ignored if you want to improve your ranking? For making your website mobile friendly, consider the implications of specific functionality on smaller screen sizes, by highlighting the most important information, keeping your content in paragraph/bullet form so that the user can easily navigate it, develop an effective mobile web design and keep the content short & crisp.

Links/Backlinks Quality

Backlinks play an important role in influencing ranking potential but the challenge is that how a high quality backlink can be created by avoiding any kind of penalties. To create a quality backlink you should not only focus on building backlinks from as many sites as possible but also should give equal importance to the anchor texts by keeping in mind that same kind of anchors can penalize you as well. Your backlink profile should not follow any kind of pattern and should be done strategically and smartly.


RankBrain is one of the core Google algorithms used to check out the results displayed are relevant to, and reflective of, the search intent and therefore helps Google to decide that where the content should rank on the search results. The more user-engaging, useful, relevant and informative your content will be, the better it will rank on the search window, based on the rankings of Google's RankBrain. On the other hand, if it finds any plagiarism or suspicious activity going on, it can penalize you at the same time.

On-page SEO

On page SEO is one of the most important factors that cannot be ignored. You should be very careful while optimizing your SEO as it should totally avoid any kind of keyword stuffing. Some of the on-page SEO factors that you need to pay attention are- keyword in the title-tag of your page, keyword in the meta-description, the body of your text, use synonyms & related words.

So, the above-mentioned points should be kept in mind so that you will not only rank higher on the Google rankings, but also will avoid any Google penalty.


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